Since our Company was founded by an Airline Pilot, our solutions are reverse engineered beginning with flight deck operations. Piloting complex aircraft requires special skill, knowledge and training. By examining closely industry safety problems and understanding complex operational concerns, solutions are developed that focus on solving the problems, not complicating them.

our approach

Aviation Safety Advancements is a Veteran owned and operated Corporation Registered in the state of Delaware.

who we are

Aviation Safety Advancements is represented by the BakerHostetler Intellectual Property Law Firm through their Philadelphia Office. One of the largest and most respected IP firms in the country.

David P. Welsh - Founder, CEO

David Welsh is a former airline pilot and professional pilot instructor with over 12 years of professional industry experience as a pilot and over 6,000 hours of flight time in transport category aircraft. He is veteran of the United States Coast Guard and has had a life long passion for aviation. In 2013, he co-founded and served as President for a successful 501(c)4 Non-Profit organization. David is the inventor of the Patent-Pending AURA technology.

Aviation Safety Advancements intends to establish partnerships with industry leading aerospace manufacturing companies. Through these partnerships, ASA can dedicate it's staff to developing innovative solutions that our partners can employ in their business, products and other technology.


what makes us different


Bluewater Consulting Group, based in New Gretna, New Jersey, has provided $55,000 in legal and other services to date.

Often times, larger companies and government agencies cannot dedicate the time and resources to developing a single solution to a problem. This is especially true in the Aerospace Industry, where changes occur rapidly and resources are spread thin. Our approach is to fill that gap in the industry by focusing on innovative safety solutions the industry demands.

industry partnerships

Joseph Kujawski - Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Joe Kujawski has over 20 years of experience designing analog and digital systems for ground and space based scientific observation including flight avionics. His experience spans projects for NASA and the Department of Defense as well as successful aerospace technology startups. Joe is the co-inventor of the AURA technology and the lead engineer for AURA development.